Happy Holidays & a chance to relax

Having recently been away with my family on our summer escape to the sun, it got me thinking about the business of property management.

I was fortunate to know that our stock of managed properties at Lets Move were in good hands with the excellent team that I have around me. However I also wondered what landlords must do in these situations and on a more general basis. We all know that when things go wrong they do so at the most in-convenient time. Bank holidays, evenings, when you are on holiday, etc, etc.

This just goes to explain why having a property managed with all the peace of mind that comes with that for both the landlord and tenants is so important. I actually meet many tenants who specifically ask if the property is fully managed and it is part of their wish list when they are looking to rent.

It may sound simple but when there is a problem every tenant wants to feel their issue is being resolved efficiently and professionally whilst every landlord wants to feel one of their major assets, that their property is being maintained and protected. It also applies even when there are no issues, effective management includes documented inspections to make sure the property is being looked after and even simple things like alarms are working and the gardens maintained. This is also crucial in resolving issues and managing tenants during and at the end of a tenancy.

Don’t under estimate the need for property management and to understand all the benefits it can bring get in touch with us.

Happy holidays.