How to be in a new home by the New Year.

How to be in a new home by the New Year.

Is it possible to buy a house and move in by january?

Of course it is!

As long as you are well prepared and do your research, these steps will help you get moved into that new home you’re thinking about...

Research the market

Research the market thoroughly online, making sure you don't take any shortcuts.

Establish local house prices for different; areas, streets and districts in your chosen area.

Houses that are still for sale, at this time in the year may have failed to sell in the summer, meaning the vendor could ben keen to tie things up as soon as possible.

Be prepared or prepare to fail!

Many estate agents, surveyors and solicitors all take their annual leave over Christmas and the new year, so it is vital to get the ball rolling, particularly if you are in a chain.

Make sure you get that mortgage offer in writing from your lender, arrange a surveyor and make sure the property seller is equally as ready to go.

Get to know the seller

Once you have found the property of your dreams, take some time to understand the vendor before making an offer on your potentially new home.

You could do this by having a quick chat with them over a hot drinks to find out what stage of the process they are at themselves.

Don't be afraid to make an offer on your potentially new home

Christmas is already an expensive month, so why not make a cheeky offer?

Chances are the property has been sitting around since the summer and the vendor is wanting to sell up in time for the new year.

Politely... hassle everyone!

With your tight timetable, this requires you to be on everyone's case, most of the time.

Essentially, once you have found a nice house and agreed a price, put the pressure on to go through the chain.

Avoid dodgy removal companies

Make sure you book a removal firm as early as you can. The good ones tend to be signed up well in advance.  You do not want to be stuck with a pair of jokers dropping your valuables.

Bare in mind that the two weeks before christmas tend to be very busy.

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