Mistakes that people should look out for when Buying a new Home

When it comes to buying a new house, buyers often get drawn to the decorations, plants and lighting fixtures - very rarely focusing on the bigger picture. There are many important things that you should look out for when going to view a property. To prevent regret and loss of money in the future, here are the key things which you should look for in a property.


Cracks are the most obvious issue to look out for. With so many issues starting as a crack, avoiding a property with lots may save you time and money in the future. Don’t forget to look up at the ceiling as this could be a sign of leakage. Another place to investigate is under a window, this could mean drying or shrinkage is causing damage within. Any obvious cracks in the walls is a warning that an issue may be arising.


Before even entering a potential property, having a good look at the roof can be really beneficial. Overflowing gutters, cracked paint or curling shingles can be a sign of a worn-out roof. Replacing ridged tiles can be costly, so making sure that wont need doing any time soon is always a bonus. If the roof is looking fairly new – take this as a big advantage as new roofs can last up to 20 years!


Communicating with current homeowners before buying a house is essential. If any changes have been made to the property and it hasn’t been communicated officially, it could be in your hands. Checking with their solicitor that all the correct permissions were obtained, such as building and planning, is a way to get around this issue. Phone coverage

Although a minor issue for many people, phone coverage from home can be very important. If you work or study from home or rely on a mobile phone daily, making sure a new property has suitable phone coverage and broadband is very essential. Having poor internet and mobile connection can cause lots of frustration in households that depend on phones. Working from home means internet and service needs to be sufficient and having poor connection may result in losses of money.

Check with your Lender

One of the most forgotten things is checking whether or not your lender will lend on the property you’re interested in. A property may seem in good condition from the inside and out, but there can be many reasons why lenders may avoid lending in certain areas. Most lenders won’t lend on a property with any structural defects or properties that are located near a mine, areas of landfill or recent flooding. Let’s Move is a full-service estate agency who specialise in property sales, lettings, management and auctions. We are ideally positioned to offer sellers, buyers and landlords

the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an all-around experienced agency. With hundreds of properties available across the midlands, view properties for sale here