Property Improvements you can do during isolation

Property Improvements you can do during isolation

We have all got those niggly jobs we have been meaning to do, but for one reason or another they have been put to the back of our minds, yet with the UK on coronavirus lockdown why not get stuck into some of those tasks that could reward you in the long term and add some value to your property.

To give you some inspiration, the team at LetsMove have put together a few home improvement ideas to get you started and help pass the time.

Outside Seating Areas

With the summer months on their way, now is the perfect time to spruce up your garden and create a relaxing space to escape to. An unloved patio or garden isn’t likely to entice potential buyers to want to view the property, so even a few subtle changes can be made to make a huge difference to your outdoor area. Here are a few idea to get you going;

  • Give any pots a good scrub and get some new plants that can be easily maintained. There are a few local nurseries that are making deliveries, so have a look online and contact them for some help and advice
  • Give any outdoor patio areas and furniture a clean to get rid of any grime and green moss, either with some warm water and washing up liquid or a jet wash. *Added tip - if you don't have a jet wash, why not ask any of your neighbours if they have one you could borrow?
  • Add some unused cushions, rugs or blankets to help spruce up your seating area. If you are in need of some new furniture, consider something a bit different such as hammock or some large floor cushions.
  • If you are on a budget, consider looking at some secondhand items on local online groups. Other people are likely to be having a clearout and one person's trash is another's treasure!
  • Even the smallest area can be turned into a pretty garden, like a window sill or entrance way. Take a look online at Pinterest and get inspired to think outside of the box.

Declutter your shed and garage

Garages, sheds and other storage areas, are often seen as an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ place but equally having a good decluttering session might help you locate some hidden gems or give it a new lease of life.

Depending on the scale of the project you are looking to undertake, you could turn your shed into a summerhouse or convert it into an outdoor bar area - possibilities are endless! Creating a more usable space will be an instant attraction for potential buyers, firstly because it will show them how they can utilise the space but secondly, because the majority of the work will be done for them already.

Creating a unique space doesn't need to cost a fortune but if done well can help increase the value of your property.


Whilst you're stuck at home during the coronavirus crisis, why not make the most of it, however If the ‘Hinching’ and ‘Marie Kondo’ trends pass you by over the last few months, then this is the time to find out what all the fuss was about. Going round your property and giving it a good spring clean and taking some time to do a spot decluttering could help in creating some space to make rooms appear more spacious, bright and clean ready for the all important viewings.

Take some time to look at underused areas of the house and see if there are any improvements that could be made to maximise its potential. If there are some larger jobs that may require additional materials and tools, then if you are not able to complete them at present, make plans to complete them in the future. This time will give you an opportunity to plan, budget and design what you would like to do.

Touch ups

It is easy to overlook some of the scuff marks that have accumulated over time around your house, so now is an ideal time to address these. If you are unsure where to start then take a minute to start outside your front door and look at your house as if you are a buyer.

Take your time, look around and note down what you notice in each room that could do with some tlc and this will give you a list to get started with. If you're feeling a bit enthusiastic then why not consider painting a room with a fresh coat of paint and get the family involved to help.

With social distancing measures making it harder to source additional materials you may need, don't be afraid to use social media as a tool to help you borrow items you may need from people in your local area. For small items you could ask they leave them somewhere for you to collect it and pop past during your daily exercise or on your way to visit the supermarket.

A first impression only happens once so getting it right the first time is imperative not only to snag a sale but to get the most value you can for your property.

Stay at Home, Stay Safe