Top five best property features of the year

Throughout 2018 there has been certain ‘must haves’ on buyers property checklists. Here are the top 5:



Off street parking is a must for the majority of potential house buyers. While it might not be the most glamorous feature of a home, off street parking offers security in addition to saving you parking hassle and money spent on permits.


One of the main benefits that attract a buyer of a detached home is privacy. Detached properties are normally on the premium end of buying and selling. However, not having to share any connecting walls can make it worth paying the premium.


A garage is at the top of the list for most potential buyers. They act as a safe place to store your vehicle, keeping your car nice and warm in the winter, protecting your car from snow and ice. In addition, a garage can also act as an additional room, a bit of extra storage always comes in handy.


More of a priority for rental properties, a furnished home eliminates the stress and the upfront cost of buying your own furniture. A furnished property is especially helpful for short term renters, taking away the process of moving large items from place to place.


Bungalows are becoming more and more popular with home hunters throughout the year. The convenience of single storey living and open plan rooms is desirable for both younger and older generations. We expect Bungalows to stay in demand through 2019 as more people look to downsize.

At Lets Move, we try to make sure that all the items on your property checklist are ticked off! Whether it be bungalow or a detached house with a garage, we aim to find your perfect home.

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